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We are Masha and Sasha, childhood friends from Ukraine, navigated a fashion-starved upbringing in the 90s, where second-hand stores were treasure troves. As we grew, so did Ukraine's fashion scene, with Western brands entering the market, and local designers gaining recognition. Despite the challenges of war and moving abroad, our passion for fashion and resilience endured.

Our Mission

We spent hours talking about what we can do to help the people in our country today. 

While there’s a lot of things ukrainians are doing and we admire, we’ve decided to do what is also our passion. 


Why Ukrainian designers? First of all, those people are working hard to provide stocks, work on creating new collections and making sure that supply chains are working in conditions where 

you might get your stock bombed or when you have to deal with certain delays. 

Modern fashion with a twist

We want to help Ukrainian designers who struggle a lot nowadays to sell their clothes and generate another sales channel for them. We want the entire world to see that fashion in Ukraine is a great competition to western fashion and even in such conditions as they are being put in. 

If you are looking for fashion pieces with purpose, with story, made by brilliant and creative people, but at the same time with affordable price and quality - we are here for you! We would love to hear your opinion and tell you more about the fashion which comes from our home country. 

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